woensdag 1 juni 2016


Hello everybody,  since many years I am a member of the LYCEUMCLUBS FOR WOMEN . Our group lives in the city of Nijmegen, other groups live in Groningen and Amsterdam.
Mid of May there took place the three annual worlds conference, and this time in Amsterdam.
 The international chairwoman Ingrid von Rosen from Stockholm invented for this event the socalled CARLIN AWARD. My group from Nijmegen had nominated me in spring for this award.
So the last months I worked hard to make a good speech and powerpoint for the members present in the hall. Of corse I talked about my textile world, and my specialisation in History of Dutch Antique Quilts. As there was another candidate from Groningen with a totally different subject: writing poems, the organisation decided to split the prize, it was not comparable. That was OK with me.
 For me it is a great honor to get this award from such a big international world wide organisation [which excist already over 100 years] and I am very greatful to my Lyceumgroup from Nijmegen.
I have not decided yet what to do with the award, I am thinking over it. Prefer a piece of jewelry maybe! Many thanks go to my dear co-members in Nijmegen. An Moonen

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