zaterdag 11 november 2017

Hallo allemaal, hello to you all,
had een drukke mand met veel verschillende bezigheden. It was a busy month with a lot of things to do.I had special visitors who had come to see my antique dutch quilts. Also last thursday My dear Janet O'Dell from Melbourne visited me. She was with a dollshouse group in Amsterdam and made her way to me by train. went all well.we "played" with my doll's shop from my grandmother 1875, and with the antique quilts in the attick.
Further I was able to collect 6 antique quilts, coming from a friend who passed away a few years ago. 3 antique Dutch ones and 3 American ones.
 the log cabin must be from about 1920, USA
the silk one is in my book nr 164, ca 1870, Dutch
the children crib quilt is Dutch as it can be, ca.1850,
 then a Dutch top with squares NS  TRIANGLE BORDER. CA.1825,
 then an American one ca. 1880 with large blocks, USA
and the flowergarden from around 1950 USA? Netherlands?

But here is the first impression. enjoy it! bye An

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